A Single Dose of Kudzu Extract Reduces Alcohol Consumption in a Binge Drinking Paradigm PMC

kudzu alcohol cravings

The maximal possible observations were based on the number of side effect categories that were recorded, multiplied by the number of study days in each phase, which was then multiplied by the number of subjects participating in each study phase. The overall incidence of side effects (e.g., headaches, shakes, chills, nausea, etc.) in both groups ranged between 1.7 and 3%. None of the study participants reported any insomnia, sedation, dizziness, blurred vision, tinnitus, or altered libido. Participants filled out a daily diary every morning as soon as possible upon awakening. Three questions asked them to report how many alcoholic drinks, tobacco cigarettes and caffeinated beverages they consumed and two questions asked about bedtime and wake time. Studies in purifying Hovenia show that it contains a number of useful flavonoids, including myricetin, dihydromyricetin, hovenitin, laricitrin, and quercetin.

Kudzu’s Benefits for Health

  • In that study, however, we did find evidence of an initial more rapid rise in blood alcohol levels in kudzu-treated individuals, suggesting that isoflavones may alter bioavailability of alcohol to the brain during the ascending alcohol absorption phase.
  • However, it is important to recognize that one of the major weaknesses of the measure that we used to record desire to drink alcohol was that it was unidimensional.
  • In addition to Kudzu and Hovenia, Salvia miltiorrhiza is another single herbal remedy for reducing cravings.
  • This is because isoflavones can help dilate blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow.
  • The development of an alcohol-metabolizing enzyme stimulant is one of the strategies for developing an alcoholism remedy.
  • I recall feeling a very slight prickly feeling in my skin after I’d had a few drinks, and a mild head rush.

Additional studies using treatment-seeking alcohol-dependent persons will be necessary to determine the usefulness of this herbal preparation in reducing alcohol use in other populations. Acamprosate (Campral) is thought to stabilize the chemical balance in the brain that would otherwise be disrupted by alcoholism, possibly by antagonizing glutamatergic N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors and agonizing GABAARs134. A study at the molecular and cellular level suggests that acamprosate attenuates hyper-glutamatergic states, which are thought to trigger relapse135. Two large US trials failed to confirm the efficacy of acamprosate, although secondary analyses in one of the studies suggested possible efficacy in patients who had a baseline goal of abstinence136,137. The most common side effects reported for patients taking acamprosate in clinical trials included headache, diarrhea, flatulence, and nausea139,140.

kudzu alcohol cravings

6 Data Analysis

Inflammation is not something to be take lightly as it can contribute to more serious issues like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer. It is usually treated with over-the-counter medications, but kudzu might be a more natural option. If you’re not sure whether kudzu root is right for you, talk with your doctor. They can give you personalized https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/6-successfull-and-motivational-sobriety-stories/ advice that takes into account any other supplements or medications you may be taking. A small 2009 case report involving 16 people with regular cluster headaches provides some anecdotal evidence. Almost 3 in 4 participants had less intense headaches, more than half had fewer headaches, and 1 in 3 had shorter headaches when taking kudzu root.

kudzu alcohol cravings

How much water should I be drinking?

kudzu alcohol cravings

Kudzu has been shown to be effective in reducing alcohol cravings and consumption in the short term. However, more research is needed to determine its long-term herbs to reduce alcohol cravings effectiveness in promoting alcoholism recovery. Kudzu is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat alcoholism.

Researchers selected people who said they regularly consumed three to four drinks per day. Kudzu root is available in lots of forms including capsules, liquid extracts, and powder. There’s not a recommended dosage for kudzu root, but there have been human studies that can help guide you. Kudzu can be taken in conjunction with other medications for alcoholism, but it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before combining treatments. Kudzu may interact with certain medications, such as benzodiazepines, and can cause adverse effects.

Possibly Effective for

  • The apparently lower magnitude of subjective effects compared to the placebo treated group (Figure 4) is due most likely to the fact that the kudzu-treated individuals drank less alcohol during the session, which was reflected in significantly lower breath alcohol levels.
  • Hovenia extract enhances ALDH activity more than ADH activity161,162,163, suggesting that Hovenia may relieve alcohol intoxication effectively by decreasing acetaldehyde concentration quickly in the liver and blood164.
  • However, it does not make people feel more drunk, or affect their physical abilities or mental agility.
  • Alcohol consumption has profound effects on brain function and behavior10.
  • Medical science noticed that drinking brings people happiness and relaxation but also adverse consequences.
  • Extracts of the kudzu plant are best known for their ability to suppress alcohol intake or alter alcohol effects by laboratory animals (Heyman et al., 1996; Keung and Vallee, 1993b; Keung, 2003; Overstreet et al., 1996; Rezvani et al., 2003; Benlhabib et al., 2004).

Traditional herbal medications and their effects on alcohol consumption and AWS

4 Safety, Side Effects and Adverse Event Reporting

  • In clinical trials, naltrexone reduced the percentage of heavy drinking days122.
  • Because prescription medications are not universally used or have a perceived modest effect (Krystal et al., 2001; Mark et al., 2003), providing heavy drinkers with any type of intervention that yields even a modest reduction in drinking is desirable.
  • The rates of alcohol drinking during follow-up phase were also reduced compared to baseline in both the kudzu- and placebo-treated groups.
  • The participants reported their desire for and consumption of alcohol for the duration of the study.

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